9 Sweet Recipes For Candy Cakes And Other Sugary Treats

  • 6 years ago
Have you had a craving for sugar lately? You came to the right place! This time hungry panda will show you how to make AMAZING sugary treats like candy cakes, chocolate cupcakes, coconut truffles and numerous others! Enjoy these stunning desserts with your friends during special occasions or on any other day you're feeling you want to try something a bit more special

0:17-1:30 Kit Kat Cheesecake
1:30-2:50 Fruit & Berry Chocolate Dream
2:50-4:12 Toffifay & MM's Peanut Butter Pie
4:12-4:57 Oreo Banana Bread
4:57-6:26 Bounty Coco Cupcakes
6:26-7:56 Peanut Butter Snickers Pie
7:56-8:33 Hot Chocolate With Berries & Fruits
8:33-10:11 Nutella Pumpkin Pie
10:11-11:00 Truffles with Almonds

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