Austrian stunt rider goes bungie jumping with his faithful scooter

5 years ago
Stunt rider Günter Schachermayr is always on the lookout for new challenges, so this time he bungee-jumped from the Jauntal Bridge in Austria while sitting on his Vespa.

Schachermayr is very vocal about his love for his stunts and advancing further in their scope: "The bungee jump was about having complete control over my mind and body. The bungee jump has been a total challenge for man and machine."

The stunt itself was significantly dangerous with the possibility for whiplash that could have broken his neck, as the Vespa in freefall was technically accelerating from 0 to 100mph in the span of a few seconds.

Equally the Vespa itself was at risk of shear in two from the recoil, and so was specially modified to have its gusset plates welded together to avoid this outcome.