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3 years ago

Poochu Kya Rap Song - What Your Parents Can't Tell You #UnplugWithSadhguru

Are you burning with a question no one is willing to answer? Struggling with a taboo topic? Confused by a controversial query? This song is for you! Poocho Yaar! #UnplugWithSadhguru

*Creative Agency: Creativeland Asia Pvt Ltd.*
Project Head: Satya Shetty

Director: Rajesh Saathi - Keroscene Films
Assistant Director: Ebyug Akhil - Keroscene Films
DOP: Parth Sayani
Executive Producer: Ernest Francisca
Music Director: Aman Pant
Choreography: Kiran Giri

*Creative team*
Executive Creative Director: Abhijat Bharadwaj
Creative Director: Aneesh Ayyappan
Script Writer: Utkarsh Ujjwal, Pratyasha Rana, Sahil Chhabra
Lyrics: Utkarsh Ujjwal

Post production: Sachin Chendurkar (Keroscene films) Abhay Rumde(Purple Haze)
Pranay Shedge(Famous FHOA)

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