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Christine and the Queens - Doesn't Matter (Official Music Video)

Christine and The Queens
Christine and The Queens
il y a 8 mois|224 vues
Official Music Video of Christine and the Queens, "Doesn't matter"
"CHRIS", new album out on September 21, 2018


Based on an original idea by Christine and the Queens
Directed by Colin SOLAL CARDO
Produced by La Blogothèque
Executive Producer: Christophe ‘Chryde’ ABRIC
Production managers: Slavica DEPIKOLO et Anousonne
Production administrator: Jonathan ANDRÉ
Dancer/Performer: Romain GUILLERMIC
Director of Photography: Julien VÉRON
1st Assistant Camera: Just-Aurèle MEISSONNIER
2nd Assistant Camera: Paul THOMAS
2nd Assistant Camera: Nicolas VOISIN
Video assistant: Lucas HENRIETTE
Crane operator: Philippe MOURIER
Gaffer: Paul TEXIER
Electrician: Augustin BENTZ
Crane electrician: Laurent PICAUD
Key Grip: Philippe CANU
Rigger: Charly REMIGEREAU
Rigger: Franck BONOMI
Stylist: Xénia Settel
Stunt coordination: Jérôme GASPARD
Location manager: Thomas GENTIL
Assistant location manager: Fehti BELDJILALI
Post-production manager: Nicolas ROCHETTE
Post Production: St-Louis
Color grading: Sylvain CANAUX

Special thanks to: Vantage, Hiventy, Kodak, Arpi Corp, LERAT Location, Transpalux, DCA, NEXITY, Backstage Catering, Studio St-Louis...



I’m lingering on when they kiss
Leaning towards this abyss
And of lately the only people I can stare
Are the unraveled ones with their hands laying bare
But their hands are numb and empty
Their dull silence soothes me
Loud whispers in my back as if I couldn’t hear
Thought I left ghosts behind but they’re just coming near
It doesn’t matter, does it
If I know any exit
If I believe in god and if god does exist

Rage as a fabric, through and through
Like that gaze they used to do
Cause those suicidal thoughts that are still in my head
Give her that awful side-smile when I lay in bed
It doesn’t matter, does it
If I know any exit
If I believe in god and if god does exist
She’s barely feeding, but she’ll deny
Ribbon-legged, she passes by
Until she surrenders in the midst of the street
And the guys simply stare but continue to eat
It doesn’t matter, does it
If I know any exit
If I believe in god and if god does exist

And if I am cast out cause I wanted some more
And if this guy dances way too close to the shore
And if I could just push this door chalked on the wall
And if after the void there’s somewhere else to fall
Forget I said it
I soliloquize
It’s stinging nettle
Their hands on their thighs
Run if you stole a shard of sunlight
Don’t ever tell them, I’ve got your back
Choking to tears with shards of sunlight
Run if you stole a shard of sunlight
Save all you can
You won't be found
And never come back

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