Billy Blanks Fat Burning Hip Hop Mix - Hip Hop Bollywood

  • 6 years ago
A fun-focused set of three hip hop dance styles — Basic, Bollywood and Samba. Billy's add-on teaching makes the workout super-easy-to-follow. He always begins with simple foot patterns at a slow pace. Then he increases the tempo and adds more complex dance steps (along with optional intensity-boosting arm motions). The first segment features hip hop classics like "Superman" and "B-boy." That's followed by playful, Bollywood-inspired moves like "Bolly Bounce" and "Bolly Barbeque." The third section brings out your "inner spicy" with sensuous shimmies and hip rolls. The final series uses all three styles in a calorie-torching finale. Billy's high-energy cuing is both motivating and supportive ("don't judge yourself; just have fun!"). "Lite hip hop" instrumental music.