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Dennis Wolf Interview: Wolf Wasn't Sure If He Would Make It To Arnold Classic 2018 | Generation Iron

Generation Iron Fitness Network
Generation Iron Fitness Network
Dennis Wolf talks moments of doubt during his comeback training for the Arnold Classic 2018.
Dennis Wolf is a top tier pro bodybuilder who often landed in the top 5 of the Mr. Olympia competitions. But a major surgery put him off the stage for over a year - leaving fans clamoring for a return of The Big Bad Wolf. When it was announced that Wolf would be making his comeback stage debut at the Arnold Classic 2018 - it was a big deal. GI's very own Shawn Ray catches up with Dennis Wolf and talks in detail about his training and mindset coming back from such a major injury... and talks about moments of doubt where Wolf wasn't sure if he would be able to make it back to the Arnold Classic. Now just two days away from stepping on stage, we know that Dennis lived up to his promise. Living proof that pro bodybuilders can come back after major injuries. Watch the full interview above!

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