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Chinese Guardian Lions - Explained | by Genie & Master

Genie & Master
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In China, Statues of Guardian Lions are located in front of Chinese Imperial tombs, Government offices, Temples, Establishments, Banks, Hotels, Houses of Wealthy and even Restaurants and Shops.
This tradition is dated from the Han Dynasty (about 2,500 years ago).
The statues are believed to protect those places.
You can find these Lions even in the Western world as... Door-Knockers!
There are always two lions, sitting at each side of the entrance.
One is male (Yin), the King/Emperor. Leaning his paw upon an embroidered ball (Empire symbol, World Domination).
The second is a female (Yang). Restraining a playful cub that is on its back.

Genie & Master in China
Explaining about the Lions Guardian Statues

Original videos and Photos by Nadik & Edik in China 2016

Video processing, Graphics and Montage: Nadik & Edik

Soundtrack: Goddess of Success | by Genie & Master

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