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Ariel & BMT vs Brandon Webb & Taeler NECW TV 07-12-08 Video Vault
Ariel & BMT vs Brandon Webb & Taeler
Mixed Tag Team Match
NECW TV Taping 07-12-2008

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Full Results: Mixed tag team action between NECW and World Women's Wrestling stars. World Women's Wrestling Champion "The Portuguese Princess" Ariel and Brendan Michael Thomas faced off with the popular tandem of Brandon Webb and Taeler. Ariel's experience definitely was a factor in battling with the fiery rookie Taeler. Both teams looked sharp, but an opening in the match occurred for Ariel when BMT and Webb spilled to the floor after a spear. The reigning WWW Champion countered Taeler into the Butterfly Clutch for the win. After the match, Ariel seemingly attempted to send a message to all challengers by refusing to release the hold, leading to the decision being overturned awarding the contest to Webb & Taeler. Former WWW Champion Lexxus, in attendance but not competing, had seen enough and hit the ring breaking the submission and sending Ariel running. Lexxus challenged Ariel for a title match at Birthday Bash. BMT stated that Lexxus made Ariel put up her career for a title shot earlier this year and he has a similar style offer. If Lexxus can win a non-title match over Ariel, then he would grant the title match. If Lexxus lost, she would have to win 10 straight WWW matches before she would get to wrestle for the championship again. Lexxus agreed and added a provision of her own. If she won the match, BMT would be her manservant for the next 30 days.

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