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4 years ago

Microdac's Meditation for Beginners

ONE MORE THING: Meditating. To Meditate is to concentrate deeply on something. To Focus.
Please keep in mind that these are my ideas, non-scientific and very personal. I simply suggest a place to start. How fast you make progress is a matter of your dedication, practice and belief system
There are many, many different ways to meditate. You would do well to find a method that suits you, personally and your style. What I can offer is the simple method that has worked for me when I first started. I have since moved on to better methods that work for me:
SIT or lie comfortably. This is extremely important. You cannot meditate effectively if you are also uncomfortable or in pain. Invest in a cushion or a chair if that is what it takes. Keep in mind that in time you will graduate to a system that suits you specifically.
Be very aware of your breathing. In and out – slowly but do NOT control your breathing.
FIND a point of FOCUS. There's a reason why churches have icons and statues and places of focus. Takes your mind off you and unto what you are meditating on. It is that simple.
This video: “Microdac’s Meditation for a beginner”. here on Dailymotion was created for the novice; someone who is seeking a place to start in their daily practice of meditation. Not to worry, after your dedicated research on the Internet, you will soon a find a system that is just right for you.
As you start by focusing on the flame on a candle, for example, try to erase from your mind all junk thoughts. I say try because it will take some time to learn to calm your mind and focus. This method worked for me: Start by listening to or feeling your heartbeat; also by looking into the flame of your candle, your point of focus. Then close your eyes not to fall asleep but to concentrate. As you close your eyes, see the flame (in your mind) becoming white and larger. Some people prefer to see a blackboard in their mind, and as they erase the blackboard it becomes white; each stroke, in their mind removes the black on the blackboard and is replaced by white (blank). A blank place to imprint whatever your wish. At first, just practice to make the flame larger and white, or the blackboard to become blank.
NOTE: Your mind will want to drift. That is normal. With your eyes still closed, bring your mind back to a point of focus to the large white flame or the blank board of unlimited size. Practice is the key.
Now the fun begins. Note: Be Patient.
Know this: Your imagination is the greatest faculty of your mind. In your mind, where you actually reside, you are the result of your thoughts. Your thoughts are the engine of your being. Rule your thoughts and you can rule the world. With your eyes still close, FOCUS on being whatever you wish. Your mind does not know the difference between what is real and what you imagine.
If you are sick, see yourself well. Mentally send healing thoughts to every cell of your body.
Mediate and see what you wish to be or to have