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Mattel Disney Cars 3 Mini Racers Blind Bags McQueen, Chick, Doc, Cal Weathers, Cruz Die-casts

2 года назад|8 просмотров
As a part of the Cars 3 die-cast debut, Mattel released a Mini Racers line. The first wave includes twelve die-cast Mini Racers (listed below). They are available at Walgreens, Best Buy and Kohls stores in the US, but only the first eight racers have been found so far. In Australia, all twelve are available. They are die-cast metal, roll and cost around $2.49 in the US. According to the poster included with the racers, twelve more Mini Racers will be released in Fall 2017. \r
For a better viewing experience, set the quality of this video to 1080p! \r
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Mini Racers Codes:\r
1 - Lightning McQueen\r
2 - Chick Hicks\r
3 - Doc Hudson\r
4 - Cruz Ramirez\r
5 - Mater\r
6 - Cal Weathers\r
7 - Sheriff\r
8 - Luigi\r
9 - Murray Clutchburn \r
10 - Jackson Storm\r
11 - Ramone\r
12 - Natalie Certain\r
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