6. The Enchanted Forest (Garden Route National Park)

  • 7 years ago
The team is back in the largest evergreen moist forest in South Africa. Singing comforting songs, they eagerly await the surprises that the forest has in store for them. Around the corner they see broken branches strewn over the road and fresh elephant dung. Could this be one of the legendary Knysna elephants? Carefully they retreat and continue their journey.

They come to a giant tree so old and so huge, that they and Oompie can barely reach around the trunk holding hands. Oompie teaches them the value of protecting the forest for the benefit of every living creature, including human beings. Trotting deeper into the forest with their cautious eyes glued to the soaring trees, they wonder how one can explore the canopy.

Within no time they are doing just that, hanging between heaven and earth and zip lining from one tree platform to the next. Their faces shine with pride as they discover the shy animals that dwell in the treetops. Feeling victorious, the team is eager to learn more about the ecology of the mystical forest. By the time the sun has dipped behind clouds peaked in the late afternoon, they are humbled by lessons that they will cherish forever.