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TMNT 2016

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There are times in your life when you draw on everything you have. Times when you reach down into the deepest part of yourself. When you know you gotta give it your all, because anything less wont get the job done. Its in times like these that you find out who you really are. That is, if you live long enough.\r
Plot summary\r
It is early morning, and Leo prepares to leave for his daily training exercises. Master Splinter rises to have a few words with his son, while the rest of the turtles are spread out all over Aprils apartment sleeping. Splinter tells Leo to be very careful, due to the foot clan ivity, and he cautions his student against doing any investigating in the sewers on his own. Leonardo reluctantly agrees not to take any unnecessary chances, and he disappears through a window that leads outside.\r
Shortly after Leo leaves, the rest of the turtles and April wake up and start going through their newly established morning ritual---going to the bathroom, making breakfast, picking pillows and blankets up off the floor, etc.As this scene of domestic life is unfolding at Aprils place, Leonardo is starting to deal with an entirely different reality - Hes being pursued by a horde of foot soldiers that spotted him from an alley way. To make matters worse, after several tirin\r
Leonardo battles the Foot.\r
g skirmishes between the ninjas and Leo, the clouds in the sky part and a violent thunderstorm erupts.\r
Leo runs across the rooftops, occasionally stopping to fight off a few of his pursuers. But for every group of foot soldiers he defeats, another one appears. Also, as he heads for home, his adversaries become more skilled and fierce. Ordinary foot soldiers soon give way to the Foot Tech Ninja.\r
Back at Aprils place, the rest of the crew has finished eating breakfast and Raph and Don are doing the dishes. The turtles are starting to get a little perturbed about whats keeping Leo, as his morning training exercises dont usually last this long. Donnie says that, out of all of the brothers, Leo is the only one they neednt worry about being late. Little does he know what Leo has gotten himself into.\r
Leonardos constant battles are starting to majorly wear him out. Just after he manages to defeat the Foot Tech Ninja (which he ually is able to defeat without looking), he turns a corner and comes face to face with many more more foot soldiers, who make way for the giant Hun. Leo signals for Hun to come and fight, man to turtle. Hun smiles wickedly and instructs his troops to stay back, indicating that hell handle the turtle himself. The fight is ferocious, and for a time, it looks like the superior size and strength of Hun will win out. However, just when the giant is able to gain the upper hand and when defeat looks certain, Leo uses his speed, agility and ninja skills to send the big man head-on into a chimney that collapses onto the villain. Seeing their leader down and out, the rest of the foot back up, but end up falling off of the building. With a sigh of relief, the battered mutant once again turns and heads for home.\r
At Aprils place, the guys are watching football, when Mikey illustrates his prowess at power burping. April is disgusted, but Donnie and Raph humorously applaud the effort. Raphael then says hes going stir crazy, and says that hes going to go out to see whats keeping Leo. Splinter doesnt want another turtle out getting into trouble, so he orders Raph to stay put.\r
April points to a door off to one side of the shop and explains to Splinter that it is an old walk-in cooler. Figuring that retreating is the best option at this point, Splinter yells for everyone to retreat into the cooler. April drags Leo inside and once the others run inside, Mikey closes the door tightly.\r
As the group is stuck inside, many police cars begin to pull up onto the scene. Shredder orders his ninjas to vanish, but rather than simply fleeing from the police and leaving the turtles alive, the villain has a slightly different plan in mind. Before leaving, Shredder drops a fire bomb and then uses his gauntlets to puncture an exposed gas line. As the police prepare to enter the building, a massive explosion rocks the neighborhood, and Aprils antique shop erupts in a gigantic ball of flames.\r
On a nearby rooftop, two Guardians survey the scene. They report to the Council that theyve arrived too late to help, and that the turtles have apparently been destroyed. The Council is dismayed at this news, and they note that their enemy is becoming too powerful. They tell the two Gaurdians to accelerate the plan (which is unknown) immediately. After The Gaurdian signs off, he tells the other that he once shook hands with Leonardo and called him ally, before

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TMNT 2016
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