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Carmen aka Stripagedon strikes again in Mauritius! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 113

11 месяцев назад11 views



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After a short passage from La Reunion we arrive in Mauritius! We go through the process of checking into a new country, meet some awesome local peeps and spend our last week together with Carmen partying, laughing and enjoying life!\r
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3:55 and 5:05 Reinhardt Buhr- Lucid Awakening ( )\r
9:25 Judi Shields- Take A Day (iTunes)\r
12:12 Judi Shields- Hint Of Africa (iTunes)\r
13:09 Reinhardt Buhr- El Mariachi ( )\r
24:28 Savi Fernandez- Rockin and Rollin ( )\r
28:44 Good Luck- London Sixteen66 ( )\r
31:18 Good Luck- The Vision ( )

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Carmen aka Stripagedon strikes again in Mauritius! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 113
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