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Diep.io Team Deathmatch - The Predator Hunting Games (1.65M Score)

11 месяцев назад0 views



Predator is the only Sniper tank that I have tried on occasion. However, I decided to price bullet stacking in FFA before trying Team Deathmatch. The results were a success. Now that I am able to stack bullets, I am able to use the Predator tank much more efficiently than before, same with the Level 30 Hunter tank if I choose to try it.\r
1 million hasnt come easy for me recently (you know why already). So this video is a landmark, more so for 1.65 million being my new personal best, the return of 1 million scores, my second time reaching 1.5 million score and the 13th tank that Ive reached over 1 million with. Yeah, this is a true landmark video.\r
I would like to point out that after I bullet stacked the Predator bullets, I turned on auto-fire. So if you are the one to accuse people of certain things, keep your script-use accusations to yourself, as I never use scripts in a game.\r
Build: 0/0/0/7/7/7/5/7\r
Free songs to use:\r
ALBIS - Lucky Shot (Track 3)\r
Ethan Meixsell - Angel of Mercy (Track 8)\r
Ethan Meixsell - Heavyweight (Track 10)\r
Other music from Epidemic Sound () (Tracks 1-2, 4-7, 9)

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Diep.io Team Deathmatch - The Predator Hunting Games (1.65M Score)
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