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Letter School - Full a to z Lowcase 2016 | Alphabets ABCs Learning

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Learn to write the entire Lowercase Alphabet in the handwriting style of DNealian. With fun and rich animation kids are guided on how to write and eventually have a chance to write on their own.\r
The entire set of uppercase, lowercase and numbers 1-10 are available with other styles of Zaner Bloser and HWT in the full version of LetterSchool App for USD4.99\r
About DNealian Style Handwriting (Wiki)\r
DNealian is a style of writing and teaching cursive and print (block) handwriting for English. It is a derivative of the Palmer Method and was designed to ease the learning of cursive and print handwriting. DNealian was developed by Donald Thurber, who developed the system while teaching in a primary school, and was first introduced in 1978. The name of the script comes from Donalds first name contred with his middle name (Neal).\r
The system was designed as a method to alleviate the problems with teaching children the standard Zaner-Bloser script method and the subsequent difficulty transitioning to cursive writing. DNealian manuscript form has many similarities to the cursive version. In theory, it is easier for children to learn and acquire basic handwriting skills using this method than traditional cursive writing.[citation needed]\r
Notable advocates of DNealian include handwriting expert Jennifer C. Heintzelman.

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Letter School - Full a to z Lowcase 2016 | Alphabets ABCs Learning
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