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This camping chair lets you rock and recline.

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This camping chair lets you rock and recline.

The Stargaze series Chairs set ups quick and easy. The first ever swinging and reclining camp chair, Stargaze™ chairs take relaxation to a new level. The swinging offers an exciting new sitting experience, with a relaxing motion that is designed for comfort. And when you’re ready to recline, simply lean back to activate the auto-reclining mechanism and enjoy a great view of the stars.

• Luxury model features a supportive headrest and the deepest reclining action, providing the most luxurious experience.

• Equipped with aircraft grade machined aluminum hubs and an aluminum suspension frame that is sturdier than most camp chairs available.

• Auto-reclining hardware allows you to find the perfect position simply by shifting your body weight, with no manual adjustments needed

•Max capacity 300 lbs

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