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Scarecrows Mask Review! Injustice Gods Among Us 2.12! IOS/Android

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Hey guys Knine here! ^^ This video I reviewed the upcoming Scarecrows Mask Gear (and Evolved) which is the newest gear from the latest 2.12 Blackest Night Update for Injustice Gods Among Us. This gear will be available for player to obtain through multiplayer season rewards. In my opinion, its a decent gear that can mostly be used for trolling your opponents. I apologies for not being able to test this gear at full since it has not been released yet. Thanks for watching and let me know your thoughts in the comments below! ^^\r
*Gear Summary*\r
- Blocking Reflects Damage\r
- On Tag In Healing is disabled for a few seconds\r
- On Tag In Opponents cant see thier teammates for a few seconds\r
Disclaimer: My videos are mostly for showcase and evaluation purposes only, not to meant ruin any players normal gameplay. Thanks.\r
As always peace and love when watching my videos, giving them a like, and staying subbed! ^-^\r
~Extra Stuff~\r
Cont Email: Kuosproject@gmail.com\r
Twitter: \r
Facebook: \r
Outro Song:

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Scarecrows Mask Review! Injustice Gods Among Us 2.12! IOS/Android
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