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The Truth Behind - Freddy Fazbears Pizza! (Inside Footage)!

11 месяцев назад42 views



Today We do a full inside investigation, of freddys fazbears pizza!\r
make what you want of this but this is the ual place, check out thethat lead up to this video on the pro gamer stuidos channel.\r
in this video you will see the inside of the real life freddy fazbears pizzeria, you will see the place is completely destroyed but if you wish to see how it was at first follow this link.\r
Freddy Fazbears Pizza First Investigation: \r
subscribe to the pro gamer studios here; \r
Thank You Guys and Girls so much for watching if you like please subscribe or just subscribe anyway hehe!\r
peace! ~ The Truth Behind

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The Truth Behind - Freddy Fazbears Pizza! (Inside Footage)!
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