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For Whom The Alchemist Exists - Gameplay Introduction 【タガタメ】

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This is NOT a paid promotion video. If you are a fan of Disgaea(and also if youre a fan of Full Metal Alchemist), youre going to love this game VERY MUCH. Want to buy PC/PS3/PS4 games with cheaper price? Use this link to support this channel : \r
It is now having collaboration with Disgaea 5, and with Disgaea charers in the game, it feels like playing the Disgaea game itself, somehow. lol. xD\r
The japan version got released for a year already, and I think its about the time for the english release soon? Not sure yet when, but my 7th sense is saying that there is going to be an english version of this game soon, lol.\r
Let me know your opinion about this game on the comment section below. Enjoy the video! :D\r
How to download the game :\r
iOS : create a japan itunes account, download from app store normally. Search for : タガタメ\r
Android : Download via qooapp : \r
#Alchemist #Tagatame #タガタメ #誰ガ為のアルケミスト\r
Please comment & press Like button ;)\r
Share it to your friend / family / community or anything else if you like the video ;)\r
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For Whom The Alchemist Exists - Gameplay Introduction 【タガタメ】
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