Dragon Ball Super: Episode: 111 Preview - Hit Saves Goku OMG Jiren vs Hit HD

  • 7 years ago
Finally wait is Over It's Goku vs Jiren Now, Goku release his New Form Against Jiren, It's Gonna be An Epic Battle.
Two strongest Gonna collide So Watch Here What's Happening.

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Episode Story line:
The episode begins with Gohan battle against a Yardrat warrior and firing off a massive energy blast towards his enemies. It acts as a recap.

Goku is then seen fighting against Ribrianne. The lovely warrior tells Goku that his powers won’t work against her because love is eternal. Goku seems wary of the fighter and gets into a fighting stance. Ribrianne then begans a counter against Goku and powers up into a pink aura. Goku is still in his base form, but he tells the girl she has plenty of power. The girl then asks Goku what he will use the Super Dragon Balls to wish for, and she says she will use the items to turn her into a god, a goddess of love who is loved by mortals.

Goku thinks it’s an interesting objective, but the hero says he’s not sure what he will wish for. The Saiyan says he may use it for Chichi or perhaps to fight someone is who stronger than him. Ribrianne says she can fulfill the latter request, and she then powers up into a new form. A massive heart envelops the warrior and Ribrianne sprouts butterfly wings to become Super Ribrianne. Goku says he feels amazing power from her, but he is able to dodge each of her energy-filled love arrows. Eventually, Goku gets the upperhand and sends Ribrianne flying through several boulders. When she lands, she does so at the feet of Jiren, and she freaks out.

Jiren does not answer her yells and looks only to Goku with a very intense expression. Goku looks at the fighter while surrounded in his SSB aura before he powers down. The two have a stare-down, and the gods of Universe 11 telepathically tell Jiren to fight Goku. “Start by crushing Son Goku. You can ignore the weaklings.”