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Vision Test & Choosing My First Glasses

2 года назад|1 просмотров
If you want to know what its like to get your eyes tested and get glasses for the first time as a kid, watch my child have his eyes tested to determine what prescription glasses he needs. Jedi (8) is long sighted - AKA far sighted - and needs glasses to correct his hyperopia. Jedi will get his first pair of spectacles in 2 weeks, and we hope his vision will be corrected within a few months so he can stop wearing them. On the down side the optometrist said Jedis vision in his bad eye is a lot worse than he expected it could have gotten - but on the up side he thinks patch therapy will help if glasses dont have a large enough imp in the short term. Thankfully Jedi is keeping a positive frame of mind about having to wear glasses for a while, so were crossing our fingers on a positive result. \r
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