Tony Robbins: Think Like a Millionaire (Tony Robbins Unshakable)

  • 7 years ago
Tony Robbins: Think Like a Millionaire (Tony Robbins Unshakable)\r
Be Psychologically and Physically Strong\r
Many of the roadblocks people encounter could be due to their mindsets. However, just like physical strength, you can build psychological strength — and you should if you want to become a millionaire.\r
Unshakability starts with your own psychology, Robbins told GOBankingRates in a recent interview before his latest book, Unshakeable, went on sale. I do things every day to make myself feel strong.\r
He went on to reveal that changing ones body is the best way to effect changes in the mind.\r
I work out, I train, I keep feeding my mind. I never stop educating myself, he said.\r
Tony Robbins\r
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