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Breast Cancer Inspires Twin Sisters To Cook Healthy

HooplaHa Happiness
HooplaHa Happiness
Just around the corner comes Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the start to the holiday season, which means it's the best time for twin sisters, chefs, and cookbook authors Joy & Judy to break out their favorite healthy holiday recipes! In the latest episode of the HooplaHa Original series Twin Sisters, Love & Cooking!, the saucy sisters of healthy twists prepare their fall favorite…. the Hearty Autumn Stew!

Judy and Joy's cooking dream started in 2009 when they entered and won a Food Network contest, but their world shifted in 2012 when Judy was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Now 3 years as a survivor, Judy and Joy have re-focused their cooking and put healthy twists on the family favorite recipes they grew up with. "When you're going through chemo, you're supposed to eat healthy. I was craving all the traditional recipes that my mom used to cook for me. So, we had to make all the traditional recipes healthier!" said Judy. Their unique approach to cooking and their dynamic personalities quickly turned the twins into TV talk shows' favorite sister chefs!

So, this Breast Cancer Awareness month, Judy and Joy's advice does not only include to cook this amazing dish, but for women to "get your mammograms!" This video was produced by Tracy Chevrier and shot/edited by Yura Makarov.
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