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Awesome Pancake Art: Nailed It

2 года назад|17 просмотров
On thisof Nailed It Kirby takes on pancake art, the newest culinary trend taking over breakfast tables all across the country. The pancake art idea comes from Saipancakes, Nathan Shieldss Blog and YouTube channel. He makes some awesome, AWESOME, pancakes. Its really incredible. Check him out on his blog and channel, you will never look at a pancake the same way again:\r
A few suggestions from viewers: Adding a little more milk and mixing cacao into some of the batter used for dark spots improves contrast. There you go. The more ya know, the better pancakes you make I guess. \r
Channel: \r
Blog: \r
Nailed It is a show about people just going out and trying things. There are so many cool projects and ivities on the internet, these people are trying them out for themselves! Failure might happen, failure probably WILL happen, but its gonna be awesome killer fun!! Tune in next !

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