Winter is Coming - Rough Sea - Gozo, Malta - VLOG #2
  • 7 years ago
Winter is Coming - Rough Sea - Gozo, Malta - VLOG #2
by Federico Chini aka "The Gozitan Vlogger"
Featuring: Marsalforn, Dahlet Qorrot, Nadur, Qala, Xlendi, Victoria, Ramla, Xewkija, Qbajjar, Xwejni & Halloween

Music by:
Joakim Karud

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Winter is coming
and that's how winter looks like.

Here comes my second vlog.
I hope you understood vlogging is all about
because I didn't.

The problem is that
you're set out with an idea
and you think, this vlog is going to be
all about the coast of Gozo and then...

I've been told by some friends that there are some amazing waves up in the Nortern Coast
so, let's go and check them

Last month we had an amazing thunderstorm
there were so many lightning, just one after the other
it was incredible.

This is how the bay of Marsalforn looks on a rough day.
That was not clever, I got soaked.

You got wet again.

This time you need to wash the clothes, they're yours.
For our Sunday walk we decided to walk on the North-Eastern part of the island.

... another one.

What did we learn about the sea today?
It makes papa's clothes wet.
It can be very angry, very strong and very dangerous.

Time to get ready for Halloween.
Off to Abi's Halloween's Party.
Ohhh, what is that? AHHHHH

Why is pink called pink and not light red?
Because you have light blue, light green, pale yellow,
You see, it could have pale pink
but it's not that really light red?
Yes, why isn't it not called light red or really light red, or a shade of red
we do shades of red.
Ahhh, but I've got one then
See, you've got black, but it black was mixed with white
it become gray, that has its own name
not pale grey,
no pale black,
There you go!
Question of the week!

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