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The Smurfs Escape from Gargamel Adventure Playset McDonalds Smurfs 2 Smurfette Clumsy Papa Smurf

Just4fun290 presents, We use our McDonalds Smurfs 2 Smurfs we collected to play on this really cool The Smurfs Playset! Smurfette is sad because nobody threw her a birthday party, so she goes down to the stream, The Smurf Vexy comes out of the water and grabs Smurfette! She takes her to New York City to Gargamel & Azreal his cat! They stuff her into a building, The Smurfs decide to send Brainy, Grouchy, & Vanity to the City to save her, they come up against Gargamel but find a way to save Smurfette! \r
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Music: Audionautix.com & \r
Hitman & There is Romance Kevin MacLeod ()