The easiest way to prolong life, the Findings of scientists

  • 7 лет назад
The easiest way to prolong life, the Findings of scientists.
An international group of scientists concluded that people who eat about 20 grams of nuts a day are less likely to develop cancer or die from cardiovascular disease. The results of the research specialists presented in the article published in the journal BMC Medicine.
Biologists analyzed data from 29 research papers on the impact of nuts and other fruits on human health. The studies involved a total of 819 thousand participants. The researchers examined 12 thousands of cases of coronary heart disease, nine thousand cases of stroke, 18 thousand — cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as well as more than 85 thousand deaths.
The researchers recommend regularly eating pecans, forestry and walnuts, as well as fruit peanuts, which are beans. Daily consumption of 20 grams is associated with a 30 percent reduction in the incidence of heart disease, reduce the risk of cancer by 15 percent and reduce the likelihood of premature death by 22 percent. According to scientists, people who will follow this advice, will be less likely to get diabetes and respiratory diseases, although the relationship is not so strongly expressed.
Nuts contain high amounts of fiber, magnesium and polyunsaturated fats — substances that play a key role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and lowering cholesterol. They are also antioxidants that can combat oxidative stress and may reduce the risk of cancer.