KIWI is recommended for protection from dangerous diseases!!!

  • 7 лет назад
Sweet and sour fruit with a furry skin, has powerful healing potential: kiwi it is advisable to consume regularly to protect against the development of cancer. This conclusion of the scientists was published by the Times of India.
Doctors said the kiwi: "These fruits represent something more than just a decoration for cakes and pies". According to them, regular consumption of kiwi fruit is extremely beneficial for the human body, protecting against the development of cancer, cardiovascular disease and obesity.
Preventive effect against dangerous diseases from eating kiwi doctors associated with the presence in the composition of fruits of three vitamins with antioxidant properties - A, C and E. Scientific studies have repeatedly confirmed the overwhelming effect of these nutrients on the activity of free radicals, which are associated oxidation processes in the body and the development of inflammatory and neoplastic phenomena. Especially a lot of kiwis, according to scientists, vitamin C and E. "Kiwi both vitamin contained in very high volume and to help protect the body from free radicals on all fronts", - quotes the edition of experts.
For those who have a propensity for heart disease, they recommended to eat at least one kiwi per day. This reduces the likelihood of recurrence of a heart attack, specialists.
The kiwis, in their words, a lot of dietary fiber – substances that have proven successful in the prevention of such disorders, as vascular obstruction and diabetes. "Eating kiwi, you are helping your body to stabilise sugar levels, and faster to get rid of toxic compounds in the gut," said doctors.