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NO-BAKE Bunny Oreo Cheesecake!! The Perfect Summer Dessert

2 года назад|0 просмотр
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Ive had so many requests for a new cooking tutorial so here it is! Thank you all for waiting and hope youll love this recipe. If you dont make it with the bunny mould, then this cake only takes 15 minutes to throw together and is perfect as a summer bbq dessert. Its satisfyingly creamy, chocolate-y and fruity without being rich or filling. \r
Recipe Difficulty : VERY EASY\r
Bunny Mould Difficulty: MEDIUM\r
6 Oreos\r
3 Small Strawberries\r
1 Carton Whipping Cream (250ml)\r
1 Pack Cream Cheese (200g)*\r
1 tbs Butter\r
3 tbs Icing Sugar\r
1 tbs Vanilla Syrup OR 1 tsp Vanilla Essence\r
1) Smash up 6 Oreos into a sandy texture\r
2) Mix with melted butter and press into mould\r
3) Whip cream until fluffy\r
4) Beat cream cheese with vanilla syrup and icing sugar\r
5) Fold cheese mixture into whipped cream\r
6) Add into the mould, smooth off the top and place into freezer\r
TIP: If youre not using a bunny mould then you can skip this step entirely and serve the cream on top of the Oreos topped with strawberries. Its ready to eat right away\r
7) Carefully cut the mould from the cake. This part was most tricky as the plastic will freeze against the cake. Took a lot of fiddling with scissors and warm water. \r
8) Melt dark and white chocolate for decoration.\r
9) Draw on facial features and use strawberries for remaining decor.\r
*If youre not a fan of cream cheese flavour then you can easily double the quantity of whipped cream to make it lighter, or add less cheese. If you freeze it overnight, then it will have the texture of an ice cream cake and will hold its shape much better, especially if youre using a mould. \r
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