Our Prophet (saas): "He who denies Mahdi, denies me. He who obeys Mahdi obeys me”

  • 7 yıl önce
ADNAN OKTAR: "Qaim Mahdi is from my progeny," says our Prophet (pbuh). "His name is the same as my name, and his kunniyat [patronymic] is the same as my kunniyat; in his physique and character, he looks exactly like me. He will invite people to my religion, to God's Book. He who submits to Him submits to me. He who rebels against Mahdi rebels against me. He who denies Mahdi (as) in his absence denies me. He who contradicts (refutes) Mahdi contradicts me. He who endorses Mahdi endorses me. Those who contradict Mahdi, who deny my words about Mahdi and who stray my people (Ummah) away, I will report them to God" says our Prophet (saas).

"Tyrants will soon witness the consequences of their endeavors," says the Messenger of God in his hadith. (Bihar al-Anwar, Volume 51, Page 73)


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