Drink these five alcoholic beverages to cure your cold

  • 7 years ago
Okay, maybe they won't cure a cold, but they will certainly make you loosen up and forget you have one! 1. Sangria It's full of fruit to give you a big dose of vitamin C. 2. Jagermeister Combines 56 different herbs and spices, some of which are used medicinally. 3. Rum Have a sore throat? Boil water, pour into a glass, add 30 ml of rum, one teaspoon of honey, and a freshly squeezed lemon. You're welcome. 4. Vodka Gargle some before you sleep with that irritated, sore throat. It'll act as a numbing agent. 5. Hot Toddy Add honey, lemon, brandy, and boiled water and be prepared for immediate comfort.