Hard Dope Rap beat Trap instrumental Hip Hop Type 808 Trap beat 2017 Free NEW

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Hard Dope Rap beat Trap instrumental Hip Hop Type 808 Trap beat 2017 Free NEW
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My New HipHop Playlists 2016 (2017) for non commercial use (uncopyrighted):

▶ Royalty Free 2016 Boss Sounds:
(Untagged, Free for Use, royalty uncopyrighted, royalty)
▶ 808 Sounds:
(808 Rap, Bass, Sub Bass, Bass Boosted, Dope, 808 bass)
▶ Type Sounds:
(Drake type, Young Thug type, Travis Scott, Future, Wiz Khalifa, Lex Luger, Drill, Asap)
▶ Hard Sounds:
(Explosive, deep, Real best, Guitar, Hard, Epic, Aggressive, Best, Banger, Angry, sick)
▶ Classic Dark Sounds:
(Dark, Choirs, Silent, Freestyle)
▶ Gangsta Sounds:
(Gangster, Mafia, Thug, Life, Hater, Haters, Crime, Gangsta, Angry)
▶ Aggressive 2016 Sounds:
(Aggressive, explosion, real, incredible, Dirty South,aggressive)
▶ Weed Smoking Sounds:
(Weed, Smoke, Smoking, Gaming, Guitar, Kush, Blunted, Money, Chill, relaxing)
▶ Classic West Coast: https://…
(West, Coast, Dr.Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, WC, BIG)
▶ Old School Sounds:
(Fast Oldschool, HipHop, Old-School, 90s, Real, Freestyle, Gaming)
▶ Piano:
(Piano, Smooth Strings, Emotional, Sad, Inspirational, Motivational)
With Snare Roll Sounds:
(snare roll, snare, roll, rolls, snare, snare rolls)
▶ Sad/Slow:
(Sad, Slow, Inspiring, emotional, storytelling, deep, Smooth)
▶ Simple Sounds:
(Simple, Dope, Fresh, Crazy, Motivational, sick, Melancholic, dreamy)
▶ Epic Sounds / Gaming Music:
(Gaming Music, Amazing, Urban, slow, popular, Smooth, freestyle, Gaming Music)
▶ Ethnic Arabic different Sounds:
(Ethnic, Oriental, Eastern, Turkish melancholic, Arabic Oriental, Turkish, Arab, slow Oriental)
▶ Love Sounds:
(Piano, Soulful, Beautiful, Inspiring, R&B, Amazing, Love, Emotional, Jazz)
▶ Boss Clips:
(Video Clips, Studio or in Outdoor making/producing)
▶ With Hook:
(With Hook, no Hook needed, verse only)
▶ Fresh Sounds:
(Fresh, Amazing, Funky, Banger, best, popular, Epic, different)

I own copyright of all the music and it is also available on the YouTube channel. It can be used for the non profile purpose. You can easily check out the latest videos of different sounding on the official Boss YouTube video channel ().

►Genres & artists:
The genres list above can clearly explain fast our reach and expertise in all genres. We provides different styles of some of the popular artists like Drake, future, young thug, Eminem, chief keef, rick Ross, migos, Tyga, weeknd and metro boomin (Asap). Our artist list is small but the genre list still continues add it includes the original, amazing Oriental-Arabic mellow sounds with booming bass and orchestral drums which is coming with energetic and good melodic (catchy) Melody.

►Who i am:
I started in 2010 uploading and making different tunes for you Guys. I