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3 years ago|3.4K views

20170519 Downtown Now - Tsubasa cut (ENG)

MAJOR thanks to ErnieYoung who provided the raw for me and farsju who kindly helped me with translations.

It's not the full episode. As denoted by the title, I only subbed the part that featured Imai Tsubasa as guest. He is part of the Jpop duo Tackey & Tsubasa under Johnny's Entertainment. He has appeared on Downtown's Hey! Hey! Hey! a number of times to play games. He has always performed poorly in those games, which is why they joke that he's the "Tsubasa who can't do anything."

Downtown talk quite a bit and lighten the mood, so there's a bit of jokes from them if you're only interested in that. Otherwise, you can hear a bit about Johnny Kitagawa and Johnny's Entertainment from "behind the scenes".
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