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Liverpool Street Flash Tube Party

The Liverpool Street Flash Party!!! On May 31 2008 thousands of people aged as low as 15 to approximately 28 had gathered together to hop on the circle line train for probably one of the most interesting parties/political uprise this year.

This event was advertised in the local papers-London Paper, London Lite-but had originally been a viral event that was started on facebook as a "group". Many could say after watching this video that people are outraged by the fact that their liberty to consume alcohol had been taken away by the recently elected Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. However after talking to a few people at the party it had seemed that they were just there to party and have a good time. Nothing political, perhaps a scapegoat to say they were there because its an infringement of our liberty.

Interestingly in England, they can take our rights and other forms of liberty such as privacy through the established cctv cameras constantly monitoring us around London=no uprising. Take our liberty to drink alcohol on the tube=thousands uprise. What does this all mean? Don't mess with our alcohol.

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