Miles Brock of Love & Hip Hop Speaks Candidly on Being Bisexual + Freestyles Live

  • 7 years ago
Appearing on one of the most talked about shows in the country, Miles Brock has received even more publicity being the first bi-sexual male to come out in the hip hop community appearing on TV

With "Love & Hip Hop" at the helm, Brock has received criticism, love, and everything in-between.  From getting thousands of messages from people going through the same thing as him with coming out to friends and family, Brock speaks on helping people fight off thoughts of suicide.  With that, Brock also has seen backlash from fans and even family members as he elaborates on not talking to some members of his family since coming out.

Being a musician before it all, Brock speaks on not yet feeling comfortable writing music about men.  Check out the full interview and follow along with Miles Brock on Twitter: @SiirBrock

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