Marley Marl & Craig G Share Favorite New Artists + Speak on the Lost Art of Freestyling

  • 7 years ago
There is not one thing in hip hop that wasn’t influenced by Marley Marl and Craig G in some way, shape or form. If it does exist, it’s either a rare phenomenon or wack. These two are responsible for some of the most special records in the catalogue and with that kind of legacy it has to be an honor for newer artists to land on their radar. So we had to find out which newer faces they respect and listen to. A$AP Rocky performances have caught the attention of Craig G and it doesn’t hurt that his name comes from Rakim, so that hip hop history is alive and well everytime he spits that infamous “ASSSSAAAAAAAAP”. On the flipside, who is on Marley Marl’s radar? His pick may shock you, he’s actually a HUGE Wiz Khalifa fan.

Of course, the reason we got these legends on the mic was for Soundset, something they didn’t necessarily have much of back then. Festivals having evolved to the point where they are quickly becoming a staple in music, bringing out a crazy variety of fans where race has no place…only the shared love of hip hop. Both pioneers agree it’s an amazing thing to see how the game grows.

How many pioneers could freestyle? Probably every single one of them, so it was no surprise when Tracy brought up the fact a lot of these dudes are afraid to go off top. As something so essential to what hip hop is, how does it make those early voices in the game feel knowing a lot are writtens or artists just flat out say no to freestyling?

Check it out above and get a modern day history lesson in Hip Hop greatness.

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