White Helmet Rescuers Search for Survivors Following Abdin Hospital Strikes

  • 7 years ago
White Helmet rescuers pulled at least three dead civilians amongst the rubble after airstrikes targeted a field hospital in Abdin, located in the southwestern Idlib province, on April 22.The missile in Abdin purportedly penetrated 30 feet of solid rock surrounding the entrance to the field hospital, rendering it completely nonfunctional in the aftermath. A number of wounded medical staff have been transported to the Maarat al-Numan National Hospital in northern Idlib for further treatment.Unconfirmed reports suggest that there may have been incendiary munitions inside the missile that targeted the area, however, Storyful could not confirm their use.Activists claimed that the airstrikes were carried out by Russian fighter jets, however Storyful could not confirm who carried them out. That said, the footage shows what appears to be the remnants of a Russian SS-21 short-range ballistic missile burning in a nearby field. Activists in the nearby town of Jisr al-Shughour reported the use of SS-21 missiles in airstrikes earliear this month.