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2018 Nissan Z-Design,Release

Sabrina Iyem
2 tahun yang lalu|15 tayangan
The new 2018 Nissan Z, or Z-Car as both fans and the company began to call it, has a very uncertain future. After Nissan announced that they will be producing a successor to the powerful 370 Z model in 2014, rumors began to spread. Numerous renderings became available, a lot of expectations arose, and even skepticism. And then, after this initial surge of interest, everything stopped. There were no more statements coming from Nissan, no more reveals, just dead air. Whether they are facing technical issues with the new model, or there are imperfections with design, we cannot tell. Nissan Z is on hold, and until we receive some new and confirmed information, we can only speculate as to what is going to change and how this new vehicle is going to be different.

We expect the new Z to be much smaller in general, and slightly closer to the ground. This means that it is going to drop some weight, which will result in better fuel efficiency. Being closer to the ground will make it handle turns better, and it is going to be much safer overall. The headlights are going to be equipped with the LED technology, and their appearance is going to be redone. We can expect sharper, more aggressive looking headlights, which will in turn make the exterior look sportier and more dynamic. Taillights might get a minor refresh as well, we cannot confirm this though. We expect the grille to be larger and more threatening, in order to add to the bullet-like appearance of the car.

As far as the interior is concerned, we are surely going to see some new technological improvements, such as the advanced infotainment system. The seats are going to be covered in leather.

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