Imposing 'Twister' Captured Moving Over Lake Travis

  • 7 years ago

As a family gathered at the lakeside of Lake Travis on Sunday, April 2, they witnessed an extraordinary event. The Comer family saw a funnel cloud gathering across the lake. The weather spectacle began as a waterspout, but became stronger.Matthew Comer and his wife and children were in the location of Bee Creek, Rod and Gun Club Road, Spicewood, when the ‘twister’ crossed the lake. Comer says the boat dock was damaged by high winds.
Speaking to Storyful, he said: "We didn’t really know what it was until it was already over, so didn’t even think to get the kids in a room or anything, until afterwards.
We got them away from the windows, then into the kids room for the rest of the storm. It all happened so fast, didn’t realize what we saw until it was over." Credit: Matthew Comer via Storyful