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FMTV - 3 Yoga Classes To Unwind From A Day At The Desk (TRAILER)

Stress is interpreted much in the same way that a physical threat is in our bodies, and if we don’t give ourselves time to unwind and get rid of some of that stress, it can become toxic. This class is all about twisting to detox your body and work out both physical and mental stress. We will twist in every angle, flow, and cultivate strength. If you’ve had a long, hard day, this class will stop you from worrying and get you back to feeling relaxed, released, and rejuvenated!

Current lifestyles which involve working hunched over desks, computers and devices cause us to hold a lot of tightness in our chests and shoulders. This yoga practice will help you reduce some of that imprinting and release your shoulders, chest and upper back, creating mobility in the thoracic spine so that you can stand tall and greet the day. It contains a few back bends, as well.

Everyday Yoga by Eoin Finn & Insiya Rasiwala-Finn is the perfect yoga fix for the busiest people, who know even a little practice is better than none!

We all know life can get in the way of consistent practice that's why Eion & Insiya have developed the Everyday Yoga program, a four-part series that encompasses the basics to get the body moving on a regular basis that captures the benefits of traditional yoga practice for the mind, body and soul.
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