6 years ago

Moogfest 2017 | Official Transmission :. 8 of 11

Moogfest Wave 8 has finalized its form. Prepare for the Future Sound lineup release next week!

Prelude to Sleep, a new nightly series of cosmic listening parties featuring the sounds of Laurie Spiegel, Driftless Recordings, and Rvng Intl. gently easing us into Moogfest nights. Synth icons Dave Smith of Dave Smith Instruments, Dave Rossum of Rossum Electro-Music, Gerhard Behles of Ableton and Lars Larsen of LZX Industries will take part in the Instruments Innovators program. Finally, the annual Moog Circuit Bending Challenge begins. Spark your interests and get hacking.

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More on Moogfest 2017 Announcements: http://bit.ly/2kHCZAV