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Most women cannot have perfect breasts through their lives even though they wish for these ideal look of their breasts. The breasts lose elasticity with age and they become saggy. A woman with saggy breasts may feel less attractive to the opposite sex and may lose her self-confidence. The cause of sagging breasts can reveal how to prevent or treat this problem.

Causes of sagging breasts

You must keep your breasts in perfect shape since they are not made of muscle. They have fat, milk-producing glands and connective tissues. Although saggy breasts usually appear after the age of 40, they can appear earlier if the skin looses elasticity, becomes old and loose. Sagging breasts are especially common after pregnancy.

Other causes of saggy breasts are: menopause, improper nutrition, rapid weight gain or loss, over-tanning, improper bras and smoking.

It is a myth that breastfeeding causes saggy breasts. Weight gain during pregnancy is the true culprit since the ligaments get stretched due to the weight gain. Pay attention to your weight gaining during pregnancy to avoid sagging breasts.

Alcohol, carbonated beverages and diseases such as tuberculosis and breast cancer can also be the reasons why your breasts are saggy.

Try these easy home recipes that can be used to treat sagging breasts instead of the artificial lotions and creams.
How to have perfect non-sagging breasts

Massages, pectoral exercises, masks, essential oils and plant oils can help you firm your sagging breasts.

Optimal weight

Losing and gaining weight rapidly can make your breasts saggy. Gaining weight destroys the elasticity of the breasts’ skin and losing weight destroys the fats of the breasts which are necessary for firmness.


Most of the human cells located in the skin of the breasts are made of water. Water deficiency destroys the breasts’ skin. With no water the skin is dry, wrinkled and has no firmness to keep the breasts in a perfect non-sagging shape.

Proper diet and exercising

Eating healthy meals and doing exercises regularly will keep you lose weight and keep you breasts firm. Rapid weight loss and improper weight can also cause sagging breasts.

The breasts need nutrients to stay supported and firm, so proper nutrition is absolutely necessary. Consume food that contains proteins, calcium, vitamins, minerals, essential fats and carbohydrates. You only need to eat tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic or broccoli every day to keep your breast firm.


Pomegranates and pomegranate seed oils contain phyto-nutrients that keep the breasts young and firm.

Aloe Vera

The components of Aloe Vera will keep your breast tight, since its antioxidant qualities destroy the dangerous free radicals. Massage you breasts in circular motion with Aloe Vera gel five times a week for 10 minutes. Leave the gel on the breasts for 10 minutes after the massage and then wash it off with cold water.
Breasts don’t contain any muscles, but chest exercises strengthen the ligaments and better the look of the pectoral area.

Doing pushups will strengthen the pectoral muscle and make your breasts firm. This exercise will also destroy the extra fats. Other good exercises for your breasts are: lifting weights, chest presses, curls and dumbbell flyes.


Make an easy breast mask at least once a week to improve the condition of the breast skin.

• 1 Tablespoon of yogurt
• 1 Tablespoon of vitamin E oil
• 1 egg

• Rub the mixture on your breasts.
• Leave it on your breasts for 30 minutes.
• Wash it off with cold water.


Improve the skin’s elasticity and tone and have perky breasts with massaging your breast three times a week with olive or coconut oil. The massage will aid the blood flow and repair the damaged cells which cause sagging.

Massages with ice

Rub ice cubes in circular motion to improve the skin condition on your breasts. The massages should last for only a minute, since longer massages with ice can cause numbness.

Vegetable oils

The condition of the breasts’ skin and tissue can improve with a coconut, almond grape seed or olive oil massages. These oils will help your breasts to remain firm. Even better results can be achieved if you mix the plant oils with several drops of essential oils.

Essential oils

To keep the elasticity of your breast skin use essential oils (carrot oil, spearmint oil, lemongrass oil, fennel seed oil, etc.). Massage your breasts several times a day with the essential oil of your choice. Use only two drops to protect your skin from burns.

Triggers of saggy breasts

Avoid the following triggers of sagging breasts:

Over-tanning and cigarettes

Long exposure to UV rays destroys collagen. Foods high in fats and low
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