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Fatima Tabaamrant Yan Moutfkit Anasiha

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Fatima Tabaamrant
Yan Moutfkit Anasiha

Fatima Tabaâmrant, the soul of the amazighe music
Fatima Tabaâmrant, her real is Chahou Fatim, came into existence in 1962 in the Id Nasser village located in the Aît Baâmran region of Morocco. Fatima grew up in Ifrane, a city located in the heart of the Middle Atlas mostly known as the Moroccan Switzerland. Orphan of her mother when she was still very young, she went to meet up with her father Mohammed living in the south of the country in the Lakhasas region.
Her musical development was made of meetings. Music got into her life thanks to Raïs Jamaâ El Hamidi when she was 21. Months and years thereafter allowed Fatima to perfect herself musically. She joined the Raïs Said Achtouk troupe which she left few time later to work with Raïs Moulay Mohamed Belqkih with whom she collaborated a certain time.
Fatima Tabaâmrant would like marking music with her stamp and created in 1991 her own orchestra. The success came along with this young artist who moved on sales and performances. Singer with an atypical and enchanting voice, Fatima distinguished herself in the wave of Moroccan singers with her personal touch felt in her songs.
Ambassador of the amazighe music (meaning Berber), Fatima wrote, composed and carried her music around the world where she played. After a great success with her troupe, she became a school for all young artists coming singing with her to discover and learn the universe so particular of this great artist. Becoming Raïssa, Fatima Tabaâmrant carries on captivating the world with her talent and the magic of her amazighe songs.http://top-tachlhit.com
page facebook : https://www.fb.com/TopTachlhit

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Fatima Tabaamrant Yan Moutfkit Anasiha
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