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Cool Monsters Dress Up Gameplay Tabtale app apps android apk learning education

2 года назад0 views



This monster brood has attitude. Each monster has his own unique universe made up of toys, style and more. Choose your monster and create his own cool or silly look with wild and colorful fur, horns, hats, clothes, boots, gadgets and toys to make your monster seriously awesome in this game.\r
These monsters are up for some serious monster fun! Join the wild tea party and feed your monsters with cherries and burgers. Conquer New York city or the playground. \r
Yes, Bad Willy loves a wild tea party & Friendly Steve wants to visit New York city.\r
And Crazy Joe may like to chill on a playground and take a zip line ride. But dont let him scare the kids! The only thing we could create that was more cool than this game were the monsters, so go ahead and play with them!\r
Cuddly, cute, wild and crazy, and totally cool, create your own monster and have a blast with the coolest monsters EVER! Make a one-eyed monster or maybe your monster dude needs three eyes. Put costumes on your Monsters and make them into a superhero or even dress him up as Santa Claus. Its your game, your time to play, your cool monsters to create!

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Cool Monsters Dress Up Gameplay Tabtale app apps android apk learning education
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