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Iran and Turkey are two brother countries, Shiites and Sunnis are brothers.

ADNAN OKTAR: There might be those who seek to drag Iran and Turkey into war. The Iranian people are quite decent and saintly Muslims; furthermore, almost half the population of Iran is Turkish. The entire country is full of Sunni mosques. They are a polite people pure as divine light. Iran is a strong country in military terms among many others; may God render them stronger. May God bestow health, wellness and abundance upon Iran and its people. May Almighty God help Muslims unite, may Almighty God render their alliance with Turkey possible. Iran and Turkey should have already become allies long ago. We should open our borders immediately. We should abolish visa and passport requirements. Iran and Turkey are two brother countries. Where does this hatred come from?

SEMİH MERİÇ: I seek refuge in God from satan: "Hold fast to the rope of God all together, and do not separate." (Surah Al 'Imran, 103) commands God in the Quran, insha'Allah.

ADNAN OKTAR: Indeed, "God loves those who fight in His Way in ranks like well-built walls." (Surah an-Nisa', 4) says God in the verse of the Quran.
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