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Paw Patrol Full Episodes - Paw Patrol Pups Save Their Friends - Nickelodeon Cartoon Games New HD

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Paw Patrol Full Episodes - Paw Patrol Pups save their friends - Nickelodeon Cartoon Games New HD.\r
People living in the gulf very sociable and always Adventure mutual assistance. And it seems to always come with their troubles. In everyday life there are difficulties that they needed the help. Its time to save their team Patrol PAW. Today there are three people who need the help of the PAW Patrol. The first is Chickaletta stuck in the slot. To help get rid of the slot Chickaletta will need Skye and Chase. Skye se Chickaletta fly faster sins and help her calm down. When Chase arrives, hell use the rope to pull Skye Chickaletta down canyons and onto the ground. 2nd person needs help is Cap. He dropped the binoculars into the sea. And Zuma will dive down to find binoculars. Under the sea with fish and lots of other creatures, so to find the binoculars extremely arduous. And the islands turtle children who need help most. Hot summer has drained the pond of them, so they had to crawl into the woods and get lost in it. Marshall has the task to find all the turtle child lost in the woods. Rubble has the task of finding a new water source for the pond of turtles. He will use a drill to find underground water. Too many problems for a day in Adventure Bay, but with the spirit of unity and enthusiasm of the members of the team PAW Patrol will be safe for everyone.\r
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