In order to prevent the Mahdi movement, the British deep state put forward false Mahdis and beliefs

  • 7 yıl önce
ADNAN OKTAR: The British deep state has foreseen the Mahdi movement 200-300 years in advance; they have been aware of the coming of Mahdi since 300 years ago. They have begun the preparations to prevent the appearance of the Mahdi centuries in advance. They came out with false Mahdis, false beliefs; they thought these would save them. But that’s not the case, wee see how their plans fall apart. They tried to infiltrate the Islamic world through the Fetullah Gülen movement and attempted to establish a false Mahdi movement. But it failed. They tried to achieve their goals through politics, but it also failed. They suffer failure after failure. No one will follow such individuals save the true Mahdi (as). Their efforts are in vain. The British deep state paid millions of pounds to the Ahmadiyya for the false Mahdi movement. They waged a desperate struggle to keep the Ahmadiyya movement on its feet, but only managed to do so until the 60s, 70s. And when its failure became clear, this time they got their claws to the Fetullah Gülen movement. They sought to introduce the Gülen movement as the false Mahdi movement. And that failed miserably as well. There are some groups here and there that attempts the same but their efforts also come to naught. Save the true Mahdi movement, there can be no other. The British deep state will know this. They should not presume to think they could persuade us with a false Mahdi movement. We will never accept any Mahdi movement the antichrist hand us on a platter. We will only accept the Mahdi movement God gives us.
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