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The Mahdi movement will rise like the sun in the wake of big events and a major war

ADNAN OKTAR: God is preparing the world for war, for a world war, but this war will not bring destruction to Istanbul, to Turkey. No such thing happens in a place where Mahdi (as) is present, but local destructions and incidents may still occur. It appears that great incidents and a wide-scale war will take place. Now, they will pick on Saudi Arabia. In fact, the Greater Middle East Project involves the separation of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has never considered this fact. But the British deep state is separating countries one by one. They could not achieve their goal of separating Syria; so, in their fury, they are ceaselessly bombing and wreaking havoc all across Syria, trying to destroy it as soon as possible. The Mahdi movement will rise like the sun in the wake of all these incidents, and so will Jesus Messiah; but as you will see, life will continue just the same and nothing will change. Governments of all countries will remain in power, and political parties will continue to exist; there will not be any changes in that respect.

BEYZA BAYRATKAR: When Mahdi (as) appears, will there be people who do not believe in him? Or people who seek to physically intervene in his activities?

ADNAN OKTAR: No, the Mahdi merely deals in love, as he has no claim or ambition of being Mahdi. He will lead the Mahdi movement from his home. As stated in the hadiths, the Mahdi's main goal, primary goal is justice; he will make justice prevalent across the world, eliminating terrorism and anarchy. Love, mercy, compassion, art, aesthetic, and quality; these are the duties of Mahdi (as). He will advise governments on these issues; the position of Mahdi is a position of counsel, but every advice he offers is heeded and carried out. It somewhat resembles the National Security Council whose advices are followed by the government, except following Mahdi's counsel will not be obligatory; such decisions will be taken and carried out based on a voluntary fondness for Mahdi (as). For example, when Mahdi (as) offers an advice to Saudi Arabia, Arabian government will immediately follow that advice. When he offers an advice to Iran, it will immediately follow his advice, because Mahdi (as) is a teacher of love.
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