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5 years ago

DJ Robot Citizen (EYE) Aggrotech Electro Industrial - "Flying Monkeys" (Live Excerpt) Dark Electronic Dance Music Australian

Excerpt from a live performance of "FLYING MONKEYS" by EYE's DJ Robot Citizen; recorded in 2002 in Australia... Could be described as "Post-Industrial Power Electronica". Later genre-terms could also be applied "Dark Electro", "Hellectro/Hellektro", "Aggrotech", "GlitchCore", "Terror Body Music", "TBM", "Power Noise", "BreakCore", "Glitch House" "DarkCore", "Witch House" ...

DJ Robot Citizen has:
- hosted hundreds of Alternative Music Radio Shows, see:
- organised hundreds of Alternative Music Night Club & Band Events, see:

Original music was released on CDs via the title of "DJ Citizen".


Record Label:

DJ Robot's Other Music Projects:

EYE Music Band:
[Darkwave Electro Industrial Synth Rock Dance Punk]

ELF Music Band (aka. E.L.F.):
[Australian Electroclash Psychedelic Electronic Dance Music EDM]

AYA Music Band:
[Dark Illbient Electronica; employing Analogue Synthesizers]

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