Big Butter and Egg Man - Climax Jazz Band 1979

  • 16 years ago
Big Butter and Egg Man – Climax Jazz Band 1979

In a TV performance in Toronto in 1979 our band play the Louis Armstrong Hot Five standard in a relaxed manner. Our fantastic vibraphone guest was Peter Appleyard. Peter, originally from Lincolnshire England became a good friend and when Peter hosted a number of TV jazz shows we were originally the pilotband for his shows and we haved worked with him on quite a number of these. Peter joined the Benny Goodman Band for approximately 8 years and toured with him around the world. Although this is a short clip Peter is totally relaxed as well and plays this classic standard with great vigor.
In our band Bob Erwig cornet, Chris Daniels bass, Geoff Holmes trombone, Jack Vincken banjo, Max Littlejohn drums and Jim Buchmann clarinet.